Information for Professors and Club Leaders

Lack of engagement has been a prominent problem

In our survey, 87% of instructors noted decreased student engagement compared to the year before the COIVD-19 pandemic. 92% of student clubs and organizations observed an increase in disengagement among their members. Nearly every student reported difficulty in meeting new people and "often felt lonely."

Current solutions don't work

76% of the students believe Zoom breakout rooms and tools like Canvas discussion boards have NEVER helped them make meaningful connections.

They want their university to "adopt a better platform" to facilitate connecting students with each other.

Magic is specifically designed to connect students securely

Professors and club leaders don't even have to make an account

Simply think of a tag for your class/club. Then ask students to visit this platform and make a quick profile. They will be asked to add Identifiers to their profile. Here, ask them to add your tag. That's it!

Within each tag, students are matched based on similar interests

Once students create their profile, Magic will connect them with a few students each day who have lots of similar interests as them. If you have a small class/group, don't worry! We will keep recommending them new students, so they can feel connected.

Did we mention? It is free for everyone to use this platform!